Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of Accura+ Plywood and Block Board



“Borer & Termite Free” warranty in respect of MR, BWR & BWP Grade Plywood & Block Board. We, the manufactures of MR, BWR & BWP Grade Plywood & Block Board, are please to extend our Warranty against Borer & Termite attack on our said product as per following conditions:-

1. The Warranty applies to products purchase through Authorised Dealers only.

2. The Warranty applicable for up to 7 years for Hardwood Plywood & Block Board, 14 years for Pinewood Block Board from date of manufactures.

3. Complaints if any shall be lodged through the Authorised Dealer from where the purchases were made.

4. On receipt of the complaint our authorised representative will physically inspect the defective product at the site, its use/storage, proof of purchase from Authorised Dealer.

5. In case of genuine complaint and on satisfactory proof of the originality of the product, the replacement will be made with equal quantity of Plywood/Block Board actually affected by Borer/Termite.

6. Financial claims of any kind will not be entertained at any stage and our mobility is limited to the free replacement of the defective Plywood with an equal quantity.

7. The Warranty will not apply, if

(a) The products is used with any wood or wood product or other materials of any other manufactures which may be infectious or harmful to plywood.

(b) The product is stored or used at sites/places affected by Borer or Termite.

(c) The product is used abnormally i.e. proximity to water/similar conditions or through lack of maintenance/neglect.